Why We Collect Data

Written by
APA! Team
March 20, 2024

At Adelaide Pets Alive! we believe that collecting data helps our animals and it helps our organisation grow and progress. It is also used as a tool to help save the lives of homeless pets.

Our data is divided into four main categories – surrender, foster, adoption and sponsors. Aside from the common metrics such as admission, length of stay, and adoption, we also track data that allows us to measure our progress or to highlight where we need improvements. This includes data such as surrender postcodes, animal SCORE, specialty surgery, infectious diseases, foster hours, number of enquiries and sponsor repetition.

There is a lot more to be gained from analysing intake data. It can provide us with an understanding about why some groups of animals in some locations are being surrendered. With this information we can create proactive programs that support people and their pets. No tall pet surrenders are necessary and owners may qualify for our Crisis Care Program. 

We heat map infectious diseases because it helps us to understand the areas around Adelaide that require support and what type of programs we can work towards to help pet owners.

At Adelaide Pets Alive! We use data to provide the best outcomes for the homeless pets in our care. Noses in, noses out – every animal counts. We also value transparency and accountability which means our data will be available on our website.

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