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In 2023, Adelaide Pets Alive! was founded and serves the community of Adelaide, South Australia. Fueled by the urgency to address pet euthanasia, pet homelessness and due to a lack of legal protection for homeless pets, Adelaide Pets Alive! was created to provide a safety net for our furry companions.
Our organisation was inspired by the incredible achievements of Austin Pets Alive! in Texas, an organisation that has rehomed over 100,000 pets. Inspired by their unwavering dedication, we embarked on creating a similar legacy of compassion within our own community.
Our organisation ensures that those working with us are supported, appreciated, and have access to resources and events, strengthening the bond within the Adelaide Pets Alive Family!
Adelaide Pets Alive! is a no kill organisation. This means that we have a belief and practice that every pet who we care for is treated and cared for as an individual, with the goal of a live outcome.

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