At Adelaide Pets Alive! our homeless pets are cared for in foster homes where they receive individualised love, care and treatment. We believe that foster care plays a significant role in supporting a homeless pets health, behaviour and overall welfare.
Fostering offers the opportunity of better social skill assessments, increased physical freedom, understanding the animal’s ability to bond with people and sometimes the foster carers’ pets!
Adelaide Pets Alive! has an open adoption policy. What does this mean? We know that you may adopt a pet only once, maybe twice in your lifetime and it is our job that you have a positive experience. Open adoptions are designed to help anyone wanting to adopt a pet feel respected and feel supported on this journey of choosing a pet and taking a pet home.
We have made our pet profiles easy to read because we focus on the attributes and needs of the pet, rather than guessing future behaviour or breed mixes which hold little value in matching you with your next companion.
We are big data collectors! The data in the adoption form enables us to create and improve our policies, programs, and services.

How Can I Adopt a Pet?

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